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Peer Support & Emotional First Aid
for the Emergency Services Industry

Being in emergency services is a demanding, challenging, and emotionally-draining career. You are exposed to the most horrific tragedies on a daily basis and are required to remain calm and focused regardless of how the situation affects you – this can sometimes cause unhealthy or absent coping mechanisms that can 'bleed' into their personal life. This training will equip emergency responders or those who work in the industry with the tools needed to provide effective emotional first aid to their peers (peer-to-peer support) and better assist citizens in crisis, which can lead to a healthier career.

What We Teach

• Emotional First Aid Skills
• Practical Support Skills
• Dealing with Someone in Crisis
• Death Notification Tips
• Peer Support Techniques
• Dealing with Death
• Coroner's Office Procedure
• Self-Care Techniques
• Follow-up and long-term care

The Instructors

  • E-TIP is taught by trainers who are nationally-certified by the Trauma Intervention Program and are employees of TIP or a local government agency. Trainers have been vetted to instruct this course and have personally handled thousands of crisis scenes and have taught many training academies and E-TIP training courses.
  • Please note: Classes are only available to members of the emergency response industry or government agencies (e.g. police, fire, hospitals, coroners, family services, school district, city/county entities).
  • All registrants will be required to submit verification via a valid employee or certification number.
  • Class cost is $99 paid with PayPal or by US Mail before class starts.
  • Classes are 8 hours, 9:00am to 5:00pm.
  • Please contact us if you are concerned about your eligibility or have any questions.

Upcoming Classes

No classes are currently scheduled. Check back later.

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